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Customized Gifting Solutions
Corporate Gift Kits for Employees

“A Gift Inside Every Gift”

Finding the Perfect Gift for someone isn’t easy. Regale will help you do it hassle-free!

Corporate Gifting, from an employer's perspective, is the act of giving simple gifts to its employees, customers, partners, investors and other associations of the company with the intention of recognising and acknowledging their efforts, loyalty and the value they bring to the company, signalling a positive long-term connection.


Don't we all love receiving gifts neatly wrapped and tied, igniting an urge to unwrap and explore the products inside? Receiving gifts when we least expect it, leaves a warming effect on us.

Technically, a Corporate Gift is not limited to a particular category of merchandise. Vibrant Notebooks, Cool Backpacks, Coffee Mugs, Colourful Thermos Flasks & Stylish Sleek Pens are just a few of the most popular Gifts that always make their way to the top of the rack in our vanity.


The list is endless, but that doesn’t stop you from exploring. We want to help you make the best gift choice, Connect with us to talk about all things Gifting...

Personalized Gifts with Company Logo Branding
Unwrapping Gift Box

Hassle Free Gifting Experience

Cost Efficient Gifts

Cost Efficient Gifts to Suit Your Needs

Welcome Kits for Employees

Customized Gifting Solutions

Corporate Work Environment

Why Regale?
What Differentiates Us From Others?

A Gift is what Completes the Essence of Every Occasion. From Smaller Events to Larger Life Transforming Celebrations, we have you covered. Our offerings shall Catalyze your Quest for the “Perfect Gift” to Complement any Occasion.

Gift Box

Regale presents Corporate Gifting Solutions for Your Employees on any Occasion, bringing Joy to the key milestones that an Employee achieves during their Journey at the Organization

We Believe in being simple yet significant with the Choice of Gifts we Offer; Creatively Customizing every Corporate’s Premium Gifting Requirement

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